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Holiday's Recap, Enrolments & Bookings Changes, and Staffing Updates - Term 3, July 2024

Vacation Care - Winter Holidays Recap

Thanks to the over 200 children who joined us for one of our biggest and busiest holiday programs yet! We hope you had heaps of fun enjoying our jam packed program. Check out our Week 1 Recap video below and photos from across both weeks on our Facebook Page.

September Vacation Care will be released around Week 5 & 6, so keep your eyes peeled!


Booking & Enrolments - Platform Change Due Term 4

Over the past 15+ years of our services operation, we have used the Qikkids (myFamilyLounge) platform for bookings and enrolments. This software is being phased out, forcing us to migrate to a new platform. After consultation with the P&C at the last two P&C Meetings, internal research & testing and getting feedback from other OSHC services, we have made the decision to move to a new platform called OWNA.

This platform will be a major upgrade and key tool that will hopefully improve your experience as a parent. It includes;

  • Bookings & Enrolments all through one app.

  • Digital Communication of Accident & Incident Forms.

  • Ability for us to share observations, learning experiences and what is happening in the life of your child.

  • Real-time access to statements and account information.

This will also allow us to be more sustainable and efficient as we streamline our processes. We appreciate that re-doing your enrolment is the last thing anyone wants to do, so we will do our best to migrate your enrolment for you and streamline everything. Please be patient and bear with us as we navigate this major change!

OWNA will take effect from September 30th, 2024 (Term 4, Day 1), however we will be sharing resources and information in the coming weeks to support your transition to this new platform. Watch this space!


Staffing Updates

We're stoked to share that several staff are stepping up into new roles that will help support the on-going improvement of our service.

Annabelle - Responsible Person

Annabelle joins us with a history of being a Teacher Aide at Jamboree Heights SS, and is studying a Bachelor of Education! She is passionate, dedicated and driven and will be taking on Responsible Person duties alongside our existing RP's, Madonna, Maja and Dom. RP's are an essential role that ensures the service can continue running in the absence of Management.

Maja, Madonna & Dom - Behaviour Management & Inclusion Support

Over the past 2 years, Maja has laid the ground work for our service to receive inclusion support funding. Maja's dedication to this has allowed us to ensure learner's with diverse needs can get better support. As Maja is approaching the completion of her Masters in Speech Pathology, Dom and Madonna are stepping up to fill her place.

Madonna has a long, tenured history of being a Teacher Aide in High School contexts, and brings with her a wealth of wisdom and knowledge around supporting complex needs and behaviours. We are excited to tap into her wisdom and utilise it to create a safer, more engaging service for everyone.

Dom has been a dedicated and committed OSHC Educator & Responsible Person, and is currently completing a Cert. III in School Based Education Support, with the goal of then studying a Bachelor of Education. Her strong rapport with Jamboree Heights learners and passion for them to feel included and engaged is an asset to our team and community. We're grateful Dom has offered her time and dedication to further the inclusion capabilities of our service.

These changes will allow us to continue supporting your children in the best possible way. We know we don't get it right every time, but much like children, we are committed to learning, growing and improving for the benefit of all learners.


Got questions? Send us an email!

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