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Philosophy & Goals

We at Jamboree Heights Outside School Hours Care (JHOSHC) are a tight-knit community that are always looking for ways to push each other forward. The children, and the families associated with them, are a part of this community and are the reason that we strive for excellence within the service. The service aims to provide high quality care for all children that allows children to have fun, develop friendships, and build on life skills in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.


What we stand for:


  • We aim to be responsive to the desires of the kids and what they want to do.

  • We stay responsive and adaptable at all times to ensure a high quality program that is based on the children’s wants and needs.



  • We understand that each child is unique. They all come with their own stories and we remain respectful of that.

  • We aim to provide opportunities for all children to participate in a way that is meaningful for them.

  • Provide the space for kids to grow in whatever way that may be.

Philosophy & Goals


  • We acknowledge that the kids aren’t with us to learn in a traditional way, but, we commit to providing a space that enables them to grow and develop through play in an open environment.

  • We understand that children all learn differently and encourage this through both constructive and reflective ways.

  • We promote diversity in all aspects of OSHC and push for children to share with us and others who they are now, teaching us all about who we have around us.



  • We strive to create a space that ensures children feel safe and supported while at JHOSHC.

  • We aim to ensure that everyone knows we have an open door policy. We are always here for the children, families and community, to lend an ear whenever we can.

  • The staff are committed to creating a welcoming presence that makes OSHC feel like a safe place.

  • We encourage the kids to do what they need to do to remain feeling safe while helping them in a way that is meaningful for them.



  • We aim to ensure all parents are able to develop trust in us by communicating with them our needs in regard to their child/ren and of them as the parents and guardians.

  • We listen and respond to appropriate feedback to ensure the service is always moving forward.

  • We remain transparent as staff, and a community, to ensure everyone, including the children, never feel blindsided and instead are apart of the process of bettering our service.


Jamboree Heights OSHC

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